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British E-Sports is BACK!

British Esports Season 3 is about to start!

After a great introduction to Esports last year, we are back and enrolled into the season 3 Rocket League tournament. The fixture list will be generated on 14th October and our first match will be Wednesday 16th October.  Fixtures will take place between 3pm and 4pm on Wednesdays unless previously re-arranged with the other school.  We are in the mainstream tournament and will have fixtures against other schools and colleges. The start of the season will see the boys competing in a pool of 5-7 teams.  Each fixture will consist of a best of 5 series of matches. Then there will then be a playoff single fixture best of 7. Finally, the last two weeks of season 3 will be a quarter final and semi-final, leading to the final taking place just before the Christmas break.

After having the loan of three PCs to compete last year for Fierce PC, we have taken the step of investing in our own PC setups this year. Scan UK have given us a significant discount to provide ‘build your own’ setups.  At the start of term the boys had to unpack and meticulously construct the four PCs. After some initial delays with RAM configuration and driver installations, we had a set of functioning systems.  The boys have spent the last week training and this will intensify as they approach the first fixtures.

Once the season is underway, we want to run an Intra-school Rocket League tournament with the younger boys in school to develop their teamwork, experience of Esports and to spot and nurture future talent.