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Kaydon's Covid Rap

Wow - the final entry for the Covid-19 rap is below from Kaydon in Year 11... and it's a cracker!

Corona Corona is like a cobra,

Slithers across the world, even Barcelona,


I wish I could go out, but we all have to be loners, 

All I do is sit on the sofa, all I wanted was my GCSE’S but instead got lockdown with the Hall family!! 

Lottie, Kyron and Emi run around, while Kacie and Kayleigh just sit down!

Hopefully college is soon because my mum keeps giving me the broom, when I say no, she sends me to my room!!!! 


Hopefully we'll escape this madness and get over all this sadness, 

We have lost so many loved ones! Who departed before their time!

The streets are so quiet And there is no crime!


So we need to be strong And 

Stay safe for this to be over!

I really hate you CORONA!