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A lovely thank you letter

We are so lucky to be working with such wonderful families, and receiving a letter like the one attached below, simply reminds us of the impact of our work. Thank you.

From my first visit to Notton House I fell in love, I just knew this was what my darling boy needed to continue his education.

From his first day I have never looked back, I can honestly say you guys have changed our lives for the better (and yes I may be welling up as I type-Sorry!!) I know it's not been a smooth ride, it was never going to be with so much negativity from Caleb and his experience with previous schools.

Thankfully, with all the care, love and support we have all had from the Notton House Team, Caleb has improved greatly knowing that it's okay to be 'different' and he knows that you are not prepared to give up on him.