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And we came 4th! British ESports 2019!

We played The Green Room in our final match and lost it 1 game to 3.  The Green Room had only conceded 2 individual games in the entire tournament, so the boys did really well to secure the single win.

Eventually we were simply outplayed by a team who had a wider range of skills and knowledge of the game.  The final league table shows our fourth position finish having won 4 of our 7 fixtures. 

The boys at Notton House are already talking about the next opportunity to represent the Academy in Esports. 

At this stage, we are confident there will be another tournament, but do not know what format the tournament will be and what game titles will be available. 

What we do know is that Notton House wants to continue to compete at Esports.

Well done to Reagen, Kieran and Ben.

And thank you to Paul for making this happen and bringing ESports to Notton House Academy!