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It's rap time again - Covid 19 style!

Wow, well done Cayden, for writing this Covid-19 rap at home and emailing it in. I am sure he is hoping to win the prize!

Coronavirus - you can see it in your friend, you can see it in your din, but always deserving to be seen in the bin [mic drop]                                                                                                                  

Corona sucks, so do ducks; who made it, well maybe the Easter bunny will fink that’s funny

I should mic drop, but I got more, so mop up your sop, cuz the law says DO NOT BREATHE; DO NOT SMELL

But the Corona can die in a well [mic drop]                                                                                                                                   

Now the Corona and the deaths may rise, but really I’m only typing for the prize; so let’s get on with it, humans are becoming grains and life is sifting them down; we may fall, we may rise

Hands down, you betta go down town and surprise as I win and get my prize!!!  [mic drop]