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Summer Holiday Updates

There have been so many new developments and improvements made to the academy site over the summer break, to improve our facilities, and ensure the site is safe for all our staff, visitors, young people and their families.

We now have some colourful outdoor seating.

The covered walkway to the education block has had a new lease of life with some bright paint.

There is a new prize display situated in the common room ready for Pupil of the Week.

Many residential areas, corridors, and classrooms have been painted.

The car park has been resurfaced.

New carpets have been fitted in Montague House.

The bathroom in Fox Talbot has been painted, and there is a new shower screen.

New carpet has been fitted in the common room, and new seating is on its way.

Many doors in the education block have been replaced.

The Student Council and Eco Busters Council have a new and larger information board.

The windows and doors have been repaired, updated, and made safe in the main building.

The wood cladding has been repaired, sanded, and painted a soft green.

And there is now a new library, situated in the heart of the school.