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Notton House Academy is committed to E-safety and keeping children safe on-line. All online material is filtered and monitored by Oakford IT support. Care staff carefully monitor use of internet in Care time. E-safety is taught specifically in ICT and PSHE but promoted discreetly throughout the curriculum, residential and pastoral settings.

Below are some useful links for parents wanting to understand what E-safety is and how parents can help keep children safe:

Twitter is a social networking site where users can post ‘tweets’ or short messages, photos and videos publicly. They can also share ‘tweets’ written by others to their followers. Twitter is popular with young people, as it allows them to interact with celebrities, stay up to date with news, trends and current social relevance.

We want all of our pupils to be kept safe and understand the risks and dangers of sites such as Twitter, as well as the benefits of social media.

For more information, click on the link below.

Click the blue section on the right for the dangers of on-line grooming. Please also see the "Helping hands" guide to the latest apps your child might be using.