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Learning Support Overview

  • All students reading, comprehension, spelling, and speech and language skills are assessed prior to starting at Notton House Academy.
  • This gives staff an overview of the individual needs of the child to inform planning, teaching and intervention.
  • All students are then re-assessed on a 6 monthly programme to monitor progress.
  • Some pupils are identified for 1:1 support and additional intervention to help accelerate progress in reading, spelling and/ or to help with language and vocabulary development.
  • Interventions are tailored for individual pupils.
  • A specialist, external Speech and Language Therapist works with all staff to promote language development with our students and with intervention staff to provide a full formal assessment of identified students. The therapist helps with screening, target setting and staff development.
  • The resources/schemes are used to meet the individual targets of each student.

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Some of the resources and intervention materials are listed below;

  • Rapid Read
  • Elklan
  • Rhodes to Language
  • Black Sheep Press
  • KS2 listening skills
  • Talk Boost
  • Word Aware
  • Lego Group
  • Language for Thinking
  • Vocabulary Enrichment Intervention Programme
  • Talkabout
  • Socially Speaking (pragmatic social skills programme)
  • Language development games

January 2019 onwards...

We are delighted to have purchased two new online programmes to support and improve outcomes in reading, comprehension, and spelling.


Word Shark