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Residential Care Team

Our dedicated residential care team are committed to enriching our young people’s lives during their time at Notton House Academy whilst supporting them pastorally in the educational day. Through key working sessions and the running of activities and trips they help pupils become more confident, considerate and caring young people.

Ways in which our care team can help support your child are;

  • Creating positive attachments
  • Learning to positively communicate with peers and adults
  • Helping to increase confidence and self esteem
  • Establishing, negotiating and maintaining fair rules and boundaries
  • Allowing teenagers the room to become more independent
  • Positive discipline for teenagers
  • Managing and resolving conflicts positively
  • Working together to solve problems

Each week during the care time period we organise different activities that take place before and after the young people have their evening meals. These include on site activities using our own facilities such as:

  • Football on our AstroTurf
  • Sports in the gymnasium
  • A choice of electronic activities such as games consoles and DVDs
  • Mountain Biking around the surrounding area
  • Nerf guns
  • Outdoor walks/hikes
  • The use of Canoes and Kayaks

As well as offsite activities using businesses from the Wiltshire area such as:

  • Oasis Leisure Centre
  • Reel Cinema Astoria
  • Freedog Trampolining
  • Laser Quest

As the pupils progress through their time at Notton and they get older they will have the opportunity to move into independent living areas. On site we have two houses which the young people will take responsibility for and learn to cook their own meals, be able to clean and maintain their living area and organise a shopping list and manage the budget to purchase what they need.