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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At Notton House the curriculum is differentiated where appropriate to meet the needs of our pupils. Within classes, teachers differentiate by both work given and teaching styles used in order to best meet the needs of the pupils at Notton house. Classrooms are set up to best support pupils with SEN. This also means there is a wide range of courses on offer varying from entry level to GCSEs. 

Internally staff are trained and advised on issues relating to SEN. There is also whole school training for staff on SEN from external agencies. More specific SEN related training is matched to the needs of pupils in different departments, such as SaLT training for staff who teach pupils with speech and language needs. Individual teachers, LFs, Mentors and Behaviour Support attend training that is specific to their area.

Read more about the SEN Code of Practice by clicking on the link below.

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