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Thrive and Pupil Well-Being

The role of the Thrive staff, is first and foremost, to provide support and nurture for our pupils around the areas of their social and emotional barriers to learning. This encompasses a wide range of support from supporting pupils on a 1-1 basis, and in small nurture groups, but also identifying areas of need from each pupil EHCP and from this supporting colleagues with strategies to aid pupil engagement and attainment. The staff work closely with the pupils in their relaxed and nurturing environment, supporting them in a range of areas but prominently around the areas of emotional literacy and self-regulation.

Thrive staff will visit pupil and parents/carers as a before they start at Notton House to introduce themselves, offer information and answer questions about Notton House Academy. The home visit provides an opportunity to meet with the pupil before they start with us and to hear their voice about how they feel we could best support them with their education.

When a pupil joins Notton House Academy they will initially be given a Thrive session once a week. This session provides the pupil with an opportunity to discuss how they are settling in at Notton House. Their timetable will be discussed, and it provides the pupil with an opportunity to discuss any concerns or anxieties they might have. Should a pupil have any concerns the staff will endeavour to alleviate and support them through discussion, and if required by consulting with colleagues from the Education and Care team.

A considerable part of the Thrive staff's role is dedicated to ensuring the safeguarding of all Notton House pupils. The well-being staff at Notton House Academy are trained to Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) status.  They work closely with all support service agencies ranging from Social Services, YOT, and Primary Mental Health Specialist (PMHS).

The staff work closely with our Family Support worker. Through our Safeguarding practices and through consultation with other agencies we work together as a team to provide the parents/carers with support and guidance to ensure the wellbeing of our pupils and their families.  

For more information, please contact Martyn Watkins, Well-Being Curriculum Lead