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Well-Being Support

Every term, staff are given dedicated time for optional well-being activities, to network, collaborate, team-work, and to have fun! Activities and events that have taken place are: treasure hunt, quiz, bingo, local walk, yoga, dance workshops, art therapy, and more.

Once a fortnight, staff have the opportunity to access sand tray and music therapy with Matthew Hemson.

In addition, at the end of every term, there is a prize draw, where all staff have the chance to win a prize if their name is selected.

The leadership team also nominate staff for a personal letter or postcard home, for exceptional effort, teamwork, kindness, and support given to others.

At Easter, all staff receive a chocolate Easter egg!

Finally, at NHA, we use the Schools Advisory Service.

This gives staff free and confidential advice to support their well-being, whether they are in work or absent. Click on the attachment below for more information.

All staff are valued and respected, which is why we invest so much time and energy into ensuring staff mental health and well-being, is considered equal to student mental health and well-being.